Golf Clash Notebook
An Open Source Guide to Mastering Golf Clash
Golf clash. The 2019 Fall Major holes and notesheets are now available. Find them here. East Coast. East Coast tournament holes and notesheets are now available. Find them here. Dreaded Dunes. Dreaded Dunes tournament holes and notesheets are now available. Find them here. An open source compilation of Golf Clash content. Here you'll find past guides, descriptions, tips and more for the game of Golf Clash that may help you along your way. This site is very much a work in progress and wouldn't be possible without the great work already done by other golf clash players. As you look through the site you'll probably see a lot of filler text. That's to let you know that it needs to be filled in and you can do it! Be sure to check out the Resources page which provides links to other pages that have a lot of quality content. And lastly, all community contributions are appreciated. You can find out how you can do just that on the Contributing Page. Golf Clash Tommy. ItsRJTV. Zachary Jones. Kevin Warren. Cam Alvesteffer. Chris Taylor. Jesse Both. Juan Golf Clash. Fun & James. Spencer Hamilton. Kenneth Ivey. Tim Olson. GC Addict TV. ItzBrandonGriswold. Animated Hole Guides. When you run into a tricky hole, find it in the notebook and you'll see which ways will lead you to success. Custom Wind Charts. Create a wind chart specifically for your bag with adjustments for Min, Mid & Max club distances. Note Sheets. A quick printout will get you set up to take all the notes you'll need to conquer any holes that get thrown your way. Club Ranking. Completely customizable ranking tool will show you which clubs you should be using on the course. A few shoutouts to people whose contributions to the community have made this site what it is. A big thank you! Team Golf Clash Tommy. Joni Koskinen. /u/SeeZee21. A full list of site contributors can be found on the Contributors page. Playdemic App Policy Changes. After discussions with Playdemic, we wanted to give everyone a heads up about an upcoming policy change for all 3rd Party apps associated with Golf Clash. Tentatively, this will affect all app updates on or after April 22nd, 2019. In an effort to close any gaps between playing Golf Clash on Android vs. iOS, Playdemic has decided to enforce the elimination of any app overlay capabilities from 3rd party Golf Clash apps. For the Notebook Android app, this will include the club ring adjustment menu that you see docked on the left or right side of your screen, grids and emoji blockers. For the Notebook iOS app, this will include the multitasking capability that allows you to slide the app over on an iPad as well as any iOS widgets since they also overlay information on top of the game during play. While this will affect one of the best features of the app, we'll still work on keeping the Notebook app the best tool out there to help you improve your game. Some details are still being ironed out, but we wanted to get this information out to you all as soon as possible so any app users are prepared. We'll be sure to keep you all updated as the situation evolves!

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