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Vainglory definition, excessive elation or pride over one&#39,s own achievements, abilities, etc., boastful vanity. See more.
vainglory. We have a challenge that will make you blush: do you know the many words and ways to describe the opposite of red? Origin of vainglory. First recorded in 1250–1300, Middle English vainglorie, vein glorie, from Old French vaine gloiri, from translation of Latin vāna glōria "empty glory", (see vain, glory) synonym study for vainglory. Words nearby vainglory. Words related to vainglory. How to use vainglory in a sentence. Suspicion and vainglory , as Ronald Grigor Suny shows, were present from the start in Stalin's approach to politics. It seems like teenage vainglory : I can hear the Megadeth tape blasting in his yellow 1979 Le Mans from a block away. Vainglory is not nearly so bad in a private person or even in an official as it is in a minister. To desire vainglory is to desire lies, because when one person praises another he tells lies. France, by vainglory and the old literary pretensions of Anjou, had also a balancing claim upon Italy. A contemptuous designation, expressive of the combination of folly and vainglory . I wish you well, for a pride founded on self-respect is pleasing in mine eyes, but take heed lest pride degenerate into vainglory .

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