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Hempire - is an award winning company providing sustainable carbon neutral solutions and superior products for the global construction industry.
About Hempire. Join the Hempcrete revolution with a globally recognized brand in the hemp construction field. Hempire - is an award winning company providing sustainable carbon neutral solutions and superior products for the global construction industry. Founded in 2015, Hempire has delivered projects in over 20 countries. With offices in Ukraine, Poland and the USA, Hempire is at the forefront of sustainable construction. Mission - Provide only local, natural, energy efficient solutions in the world of sustainable hemp based products providing local markets with natural hemp based construction and building solutions. With nearly 30 years of experience in business across Europe and the US, in 2016 Stuart set out on the mission to bring hemp products to as many people's lives as possible — and this is how Reakiro was born. Stuart's career highlights include: Working with multinationals including Nestle, P&G, GSK, Volvo among many others Lifetime Achievement Award for Business and Charitable Excellence Founder / Managing Director of Pulse — Ukraine's leading marketing agency. Sergiy's love for the environment and a passion to find sustainable solutions has driven his career. He has worked in the construction industry across three different continents, which led to his development of sustainable building materials made from hemp. These hemp-based alternative construction materials have won numerous awards for their innovation, and now Sergiy has become a key professional speaker on hemp and sustainability. Sergiy's career highlights include: Founder of the US Hemp Building Association Head of the Ukrainian Cannabis Business Association Fostering partnerships in international import and export across the globe. With more than 20 years of project management experience, Vaskar has a global business footprint with expertise in strategic and operational leadership, global strategic alliances, M&A/I. Passionate about sustainability across the value chain, his position comes from years of multi-faceted experience working in international trade, consultancy and technology. Vaskar's career highlights include: Senior leadership & board member positions in corporates such as TATA Global, Elcafé CA, MTS, Vizion Group Inc and Food Empire Singapore. Extensive project management experience, setting up of industrial production lines in Food, Beverage, Agri & Power Generation sectors. Solid business relationships with governments and Chambers of Commerce across countries in Europe, Asia, S. America & Africa. Chris has been leading operations and sales teams enthusiastically and successfully across the tech and entertainment industries for the past 20 years, and in 2020 it was an incredible opportunity for Hempire to welcome him to the team. Chris's career highlights include: Head of Operations for Ciklum — an international software development company Sales Director: JatApp. With more than 25 years experience, Randy started his career working in a laboratory setting doing research and clinical trials with patients all the way through positions in upper management for GlaxoSmithKline(GSK). Randy has held various roles of Sales, Management, Training and Development, Marketing, International Strategy, and Country/Regional Management in Europe. Eventually his career turned to private companies as an entrepreneur in capital investment and product development and sales, and even shared economy technology driven space. He holds his Bachelor of Sciences degree from University of Pittsburgh and his graduate work as an MBA from Pepperdine University. Randy's career highlights include: President and CEO of Green Spectrum Manufacturing & Essential Earth Companies as well as Managing Partner Reakiro North America. Senior Leadership positions and extensive networks with GlaxoSmithKline and other top pharmaceutical and Hemp oriented companies. Participated in the building of California's first all natural Hemp house in Hopland, CA with a broad knowledge of the construction and building industry. Will has a solid construction background working for his brothers contracting company in Sonoma County, California an early adapter to sustainable alternatives and reducing carbon footprint of projects. With a masters in international marketing, Will has five years in the hemp industry focused on sales & marketing, product and process development, operations management and business development. Will brings a far reaching global network of hemp industry leaders and a passion to establish Hempire as a industrial applications leader. Will's career highlights include: COO for Green Spectrum Manufacturing in Adelanto, CA. Developing and leading a project to full compliant operational lab. Built first all natural hemp house at Hopland, CA with 'The Fifth Element' binder from Hempire. VP Sales & Marketing, leading US sales with Reikro CBD, also developing products and label compliance. With over 25 years of experience in financial and accounting management, Boris heads all financial decisions made across Hempire. Bolstering his professional experience Boris (Dr. Rashman, we should say) holds a PhD in Economics. Boris's career highlights include: Obtained an MBA Longstanding CFO at Pulse for 20 years. Karina holds a Master's degree in Law along with 10 years of experience in corporate and commercial law. She provides expert legal advice, including copyright and GDPR, and oversees any deals made in the company.