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To earn Gold, Hammers, XP Potions, Evos, Runes and Materials, they must fight in Dungeons within the campaign map. Tapping the Campaign button will reveal a presented map in which there are several areas to choose from, each representing a Chapter. Each Chapter contains a list of Dungeons. Once...
Dungeons. This page needs to be updated . Please update this page to reflect recent events or newly available information. Basic Information. Contents. To earn Gold, Hammers, XP Potions, Evos, Runes and Materials, they must fight in Dungeons within the campaign map. Tapping the Campaign button will reveal a presented map in which there are several areas to choose from, each representing a Chapter. Each Chapter contains a list of Dungeons. Once a Dungeon is beaten the next Dungeon is unlocked. Completing the Chapter unlocks the next Chapter. Most Dungeons require 5 Stamina to enter. However, the last Dungeon of every Chapter requires 7 Stamina. For Island Dungeons other than Boss Island Dungeons: The first Dungeon requires no Stamina and 1 Loot Key to Quick Loot, the second one requires 5 Stamina and 2 Keys, the third requires 10 Stamina and 3 Keys, the fourth requires 15 Stamina and 4 Keys, and the last Dungeon requires a whopping 20 Stamina and 5 Keys. Modes. The Campaign Dungeons (excluding Gold Island, XP Island, Evo Island and Boss Island) are available in three levels of difficulty: Normal mode : This mode is for level 1 to 60. It's described here. Challenge Mode: This mode unlocks at Player Level 30 and is for Heroes up to level 72. It offers Blessings of the Seeker, Leonidus tokens and other rare Hero Tokens. Boss Mode: Unlocked at Player Level 60, this is the place where you will find the hardest Dungeons with the most dangerous enemies and sweetest loot such as Epics (only found on Boss Island, unlocked at Player Level 50). Age of Chaos expansion: Unlocked at Player Level 70, you can find doom and chaos in these infected dungeons. The Battle. In preparation for the Dungeon battle, up to four Heroes are chosen to fight through the Dungeon. In addition,up to three Potions are added to the bag to assist with the vigor of the battle. You can choose which potions to bring to the battle. When the battle starts, there are two special icons located on the bottom of the screen. The sword icon on the right is an auto-attack button that forces all of your Heroes to perform their Basic Attack on all enemies (silver sword) or perform their special attacks (golden sword). The basic attack option should be used only if your Heroes are strong enough to defeat the enemies. The auto-attack mode is cancelled if one Hero has died or in low HP. The second icon is a yellow button with a dark silhouette of a gladiator. It's located at the right end of the hero's special attack buttons. This icon allows the player to summon a Friend's Champion for help from their Friend List. That friend's featured hero (choosable) will perform their 1st special attack. Occasionally, the player will encounter a Treasure Room within a Dungeon. The player has the option to choose one of the three chests provided, which is added to their rewards at the end of a successful completion of the Dungeon. One of the three chests can contain a Hero Token of a Bronze Hero, Silver Hero or Gold Hero. More common rewards are Gold, Hammers or an Evo. XP Island, Gold Island, Evo Island and Boss Island. For additional information on the individual islands, visit the following pages: XP Island, Gold Island, Evo Island and Boss Island. These are special Dungeons that specifically allow you to get Gold, Potions, Evos and Epics. Evo Island, XP Island and Gold Island Dungeons are useable once every day. Keep in mind though, the Dungeons in Gold Island and XP Island are for players with higher level Heroes. Evo Island and Boss Island are slightly different from the other two Islands. Evo Island is accessible on Monday to Friday only. Besides, every day from Monday to Friday, each day will have a different Element (Monday: Dark, Tuesday: Water, Wednesday: Fire, Thursday: Nature, Friday: Light. This is for both enemies and Evos). Boss Island Dungeons require 8 Loot Keys to Quick Loot but can be run through more than once every day. Epic Dungeons. In Epic Dungeons (5-10 Reflection Halls, 11-7 Lair of the Lich, 16-10 Devourer of Flames and 21-10 Garden of Evil),(Normal Mode and Challenge Mode ONLY) the player's Heroes fight without the assistance of Friends' Champions . These Dungeons are not only the last levels of their respective Chapters (therefore require 7 Stamina to begin), but also significantly more challenging for the player compared to other levels. Potions are allowed in these levels, except the Elixir of Life. That means when your Hero team is defeated in an Epic Dungeon you cannot continue and the battle is over. Epic Dungeons also contain Epic Bosses, which are far deadlier than typical Bosses as they have many more Abilities and their Attacks are significantly strengthened. Events Dungeons. Events are released every few days and offer challenges in separate events dungeons where you can earn tokens for featured Heroes. During Portal Events these heroes have an increased appearance rate in Portal Summons. You can enter event dungeons by tapping on the hourglass or via the event banner. Materials. There are 24 materials (including those in Challenge Mode) that can be looted in the corresponding area type of the dungeon. The lesser material is used to craft greater material, Runes and Epics. Dungeon Type Normal Mode Challenge Mode Crypt Mushroom Abyssal Crystal Pyre Embers Grave Iron Dark Forest Mandrake Root Amber Crystal Ebony Silver Forest Green Ivy Natural Crystal Fresh Earth Iron Ice Cave Snowbell Ice Crystal Pure Frost Frozen Steel Lava Cave Wildfire Blossom Flame Crystal Brimstone Flame Steel Mountain Monkshood Quartz Crystal Spring Water Pure Gold. Runes. All Rune chests at the end of Campaign Dungeons contain Lesser Runes (Normal Mode), or Improved Runes (Challenge Mode). The rarity of these Runes is either Common, Uncommon or Rare, with a maximum of 3 stars. The Rune types found in Campaign Dungeons are either Battle, Bulwark, Focus or Life. Very rarely, after you complete a Dungeon Room, you will find a mysterious Rune chest that when opened, will give you only a random type of Rune. You can salvage the Runes found in Dungeons and use the Shards and Runes of better quality (Heroic or Legendary rarity, up to 5 stars) and other, more special types such as Power, Precision, Elusive, Aegis and Destruction. There are also the unique Soul Stealer, Tactics, Insight, Vampiric, Planning and Thought, as well as the extremely powerful Guardian, Corruption, Survivor and Incineration. Some Runes, such as Warrior, Tank, Healer, Hero, Festive and Community, are only found in events. Duelist and Champion Runes can be obtained from My Dungeon Seasons. See Runes and Rune Type List for more details. Hammers. Hammers can be obtained from wooden chests found in the middle of any dungeons. You can use these Hammers that you get from completing or Quick Looting dungeons to reinforce your chest in My Dungeon. If you do not reinforce your chest, other players can raid your dungeon and if they win against your defenders, they will steal some of your Daily Rewards for My Dungeon (Gold and Honor). List of Campaign Dungeons. . Did that sound ominous enough? Chapter 1 (Goblin Kingdom) Recommended level range: 4-6 (Normal), 34-36 (Challenge) Chapter Number of Rooms Dungeon Area Type Hero Token Celestial Evo Boss 1-1 3 Voiceless Hunters Forest Phemus NA Chompy 1-2 3 Forest Willow Swift NA JadeHowl 1-3 3 Crypt Yasmin Bloom (Normal), Balog the Loud (Challenge) NA Prunefingerz 1-4 3 Forest Jabber Clenchjaw NA Buttons, Kaptin Toecrusha 1-5 4 Forest Tsume NA Bahdizzle Shambottom 1-6 4 Bramblelurk Keep Crypt Shadowblade (Normal), Alexandros (Challenge) NA Chief JubJub. Chapter 2 (The Cursed Lands) Recommended level range: 6-8 (Normal), 36-38 (Challenge) Chapter Number of Rooms Dungeon Area Type Hero Token Celestial Evo Boss 2-1 3 Molten Burrows Lava Cave Rogar Stonecrusher NA Terragor 2-2 4 Steaming Wasteland Lava Cave Nitpick NA Jord the Twisted 2-3 3 Empty Cages Crypt Kobal the Pestilent NA Taskmaster Girr 2-4 3 Scorched Homestead Lava Cave Torchy (Normal), Overlord Executum (Challenge) NA Derrick the Forsaken, Aldar the Mad 2-5 5 Lake of Slag Lava Cave Squinch NA Plexor 2-6 5 Mage Tower Crypt Selwyn the Enduring NA Apprentice Volthael 2-7 4 Pillar of Command Crypt Chief NubNub NA Lord Maulzenvar 2-8 6 Throne of Ash Lava Cave Life Reaper Brom (Normal), Pignius Maximus (Challenge) NA General Eclipse. Chapter 3 (Dwarven Kingdom) Recommended level range: 8-9 (Normal), 38-39 (Challenge) Chapter Number of Rooms Dungeon Area Type Hero Token Celestial Evo Boss 3-1 4 Frostridge Pass Ice Cave Stone Fist NA Bonepile Giant x3 3-2 4 Permafrost Mines Ice Cave Sir William NA Norgen Hillwatch 3-3 4 Bonechilled Quarry Ice Cave Ekko (Normal), Samurai Takumi (Challenge) NA Morogar Championfoot 3-4 3 The Runeforge Lava Cave Mangle Jaw NA Tiny 3-5 6 Stonehelm Citadel Crypt Yokozuna (Normal), Sifu Jianzhi (Challenge) NA Rukas Grimbelly. Chapter 4 (Core of the World) Level range: 10-12 (Normal), 40-42 (Challenge) Chapter Number of Rooms Dungeon Area Type Hero Token Celestial Evo Boss 4-1 3 The Land Beneath Lava Cave Willow Swift NA Avaricious Snork 4-2 4 Beastmen Village Crypt Shadowblade NA Merciless Argor 4-3 4 Magma Fields Lava Cave Jabber Clenchjaw NA Yirishi Reborn 4-4 4 Icy Core Ice Cave Phemus NA Urg Underbite, Grol Frostbite 4-5 4 Mercenary Fortress Crypt Rogar Stonecrusher (Normal), Therand Fiddlestrom (Challenge) NA General Raza 4-6 3 Shimmering Caves Ice Cave Abigail the Brutal NA Nargle Slipjaw 4-7 3 Icy Hollow Ice Cave Black Diamond (Normal), Masuta Kira (Challenge) NA Yirishi Reborn. Chapter 5 (The Mystical Valley) Recommended level range: 12-16 (Normal), 42-46 (Challenge) Chapter Number of Rooms Dungeon Area Type Hero Token Celestial Evo Boss 5-1 4 Crimson Woods Forest Yasmin Bloom NA Buttons 5-2 3 War Torn Village Lava Cave Stone Fist NA Cursed Blade 5-3 3 Jade Forest Forest Nitpick NA Jasper Eight 5-4 4 Mystic Vale Forest Tsume NA Ninshi Otsuka 5-5 4 Shogunate Fortress Crypt Zurk (Normal), Overlord Executum (Challenge) NA Amatsu Takeda 5-6 3 Silent Cavern Ice Cave Squinch NA Sugimoto Shosino 5-7 4 Timeless Frost Ice Cave Sir William NA Hashima 5-8 6 Spirit's Rest Ice Cave Chief NubNub NA Frostwing Monarch 5-9 3 Frozen Wastes Ice Cave Torchy Brawny Evo Frost Titan, Pinesap Titan 5-10 5 Reflection Halls Ice Cave Phenol Thoxian (Normal), Icebloom (Challenge) NA Kang-Kung. Chapter 6 (Defiled Woodland) Recommended level range: 18-19 (Normal), 48-49 (Challenge) Chapter 7 (Crusaders' Vanguard) Recommended level range: 20-21 (Normal), 50-51 (Challenge) Chapter 8 (The Warmachine) Recommended level range: 21-24 (Normal), 51-54 (Challenge) Quest Rewards: 8x Lady Nimriel , 80,000 gold. Chapter Number of Rooms Dungeon Area Type Hero Token Celestial Evo Boss 8-1 3 Blazing Farmlands Lava Cave Rogar Stonecrusher NA Rognog Blisterbut 8-2 4 War Front Dark Forest Phemus Caveborn Evo Captain Dedric 8-3 5 The Second Wave Lava Cave Stone Fist (Normal), Samurai Takumi (Challenge) NA Nalthune, Major Bradox 8-4 3 Frozen Crypts Ice Cave Nitpick Stormwind Evo Jubal Moss 8-5 3 Goblin Hordes Forest Yasmin Bloom Caveborn Evo Hubuju Stumblebum 8-6 6 The Infinite Army Lava Cave Selwyn the Enduring NA Oson the Infinite 8-7 5 Hope's End Lava Cave Phemus (Normal), Indigo (Challenge) NA World Eater Tharox, Major Bradox. Chapter 9 (Unholy Kingdom) Recommended level range: 24-26 (Normal), 54-56 (Challenge) Quest Rewards: 8x Lady Nimriel , 90,000 gold. Chapter Number of Rooms Dungeon Area Type Hero Token Celestial Evo Boss 9-1 4 Undying Land Lava Cave Tsume Incendiary Evo Count Rend 9-2 3 Sleepless Respite Ice Cave Kobal the Pestilent Moonlight Evo Demora Ametryst 9-3 4 The Black Fortress Crypt Torchy (Normal), Balog the Loud (Challenge) Valkyrie Evo Chaos Lord Victus 9-4 4 Shadow Gate Crypt Squinch Arcane Evo Crypt Shadowblade (Normal), Julius (Challenge) Earth Sisters Evo Overlord Absalom. Chapter 10 (Infernal Barrens) Recommended level range: 26-28 (Normal), 56-58 (Challenge) Quest Rewards: 8x Lady Nimriel , 100,000 gold.

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