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In the Blue Swan universe of Is It Love? you join the prestigious medical corps of the Blue Swan hospital as an intern and overcome the challenges of everyday life.
Blue Swan Hospital. Build your career in the most famous hospital in the United States. or find love…? You decide…" Story. You are a bright and passionate young woman who's recently graduated in medicine from New York University. You choose to leave your hometown to get a position at the prestigious Blue Swan Hospital in Los Angeles as a first-year emergency room intern. Your somewhat hectic first day is a real baptism of fire! You move in with your childhood friend, Sofia, a nurse at Blue Swan. but can you trust her? You are determined and have your heart set on driving forward your career in this renowned hospital. But that won't be your only challenge. You're hurting following a long relationship that has left a deep scar on your heart. You're looking to stitch up this gaping wound despite all the obstacles that stand in your way. Who among your colleagues will help you in this endeavor? Jarod, the mysterious and charismatic veteran doctor? Will, the sympathetic and romantic second-year intern? Or Mike, the gifted yet withdrawn first-year intern with devastating charm? Concept. The story takes place over the course of a year in "real time". The narration forms part of an online broadcasting schedule (chapter by chapter), just like a television series. You interact with several characters with whom you can develop relationships (unlike the Carter Corp, Mystery Spell and Secret Palace universes)."

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