Club Penguin Island — Nova Cat
Brand Design
Club Penguin Island. Disney Club Penguin was a beloved MMO (massively multiplayer online game) for millions of kids around the globe. After 10+ years as a successful brand, we understood that kids, technology and digital play had changed. To appeal to this new audience, we would launch a new game, on a new platform, with a new, updated brand. The Solution. Club Penguin + Our strategy was to keep the Club Penguin name and to reference brand elements from the past to help us build on our solid brand equity . Disney Club Penguin Island was the same beloved brand—plus more! It was social play reimagined for the mobile space. To evoke imagination and demonstrate the brand benefits, our focus was on Disney Club Penguin Island as a tourism destination or a desirable place to be. All brand assets would revolve around the island as the core, leading character in the brand story. Lead brand designer on the Brand Marketing team at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. Discovery. Research & Exploration. Review & compose creative brief with marketing director and stakeholders. Research and consider existing brand story and components. Partner with production game team art director, producer, UI/UX designers, artists, game designers and other relevant stakeholders for alignment on in-game and external brand. Maintain transparent communication throughout the entire brand process with all stakeholders, partners and peers to develop buy-in, excitement and brand pride from the team. Brand History. In the early 2000s, the world needed a safe place for kids to play online. Three dads from Kelowna, B.C., Canada started to make that happen, and over the years, Disney's Club Penguin grew into a snowy island where over 200 million penguins from 170 countries played. In 2016, we rebranded it as Club Penguin Island for a new, mobile audience. We wanted this place to be recognized as the premiere destination for kids! Club Penguin Island was a new product for an established brand. Our strategy was to build on our solid brand equity by keeping the Club Penguin name and referencing brand elements from the past.

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