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Read this guide to learn how to play &quot,Poker Heat&quot, Heat Reverse. I explain the best strategy to win the most chips playing this event.
"Poker Heat" Heat Reverse Guide. Heat Reverse is an event mode of poker in the Poker Heat game. In this guide, I am going to teach how to win more chips when you play it. In Heat Reverse, you win with the worse poker hand. Strong Hands Are Now Weak. Some hands have no worth playing anymore. Pairs are pointless to play because you will always have a pair or better and lose to high card. This is one of the few modes you can fold pocket aces. Pocket aces are the worst hand to play in Reverse. High hands are bad because you will lose to lower cards. Previously strong hands like AK, AQ, KQ, are terrible in Reverse. You now want to play low cards the most, and the lower and the less connected, the better. Hands like 42, 53, 62, are now the best. The Hands to Play in Heat Reverse. Ace Is High and Never Low. You might consider playing ace hands, considering they are sometimes low cards in Texas hold' em. However, in Heat Reverse ace hands, are always high. They are the worst hand to play. Don't fall into the common trap of playing these hands. Play Cards Lower Than Seven. 32 or 42 are the best hands preflop now. High card hands or having air is now the best hand postflop. My strategy to only play hands that are seven and lower. Using this strategy allows me to be stronger than over half the deck. Avoid Connectors and Suited Cards. I try avoiding playing connectors and suited cards, but I will still play them. I don't want to make a straight or a flush. While at first, this seems very counter-intuitive. But in Reverse making a good hand bad. So we want to lower those odds. Playing Pocket Twos Is OK Sometimes. Pocket twos are the only pair I will play. If the board doubles after the flop, you most likely will have the lowest two pair. But the odds of this happening are low. Pocket twos to be a very speculative hand. Read More From Levelskip. Ice-Shard Druid in Titan Quest AE" for Solo Self-Found Hardcore. "Genshin Impact": Liyue Shrine of Depths Guide. The History of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Early 3D Era. Anything Else Is Junk. The biggest mistake many people make playing poker is playing too many hands. Often people play way too many weak hands. Well, the reverse is true now. In Reverse, people play hands that are far too good for this game mode. You do not have to play strong hands like AK or QQ. You will lose the hand most of the time. Even weaker hands like T2 or J3 are still no good. Good players will only call or bet against you with very low hands. Stick to playing only hands weaker than seven. For example 73, 64, etc. Playing only the weakest hands will give you a good chance of winning. Some people will not adjust their play during events. They will try to play this mode like it is standard poker and lose when they can avoid it. These are hands you want to play in "Poker Heat" Reverse. A picture I took of a deck of cards. These are hands you do not want to play in "Poker Heat" Reverse. A picture I took of a deck of cards. Preflop Raising Strategy. I do recommend raising in this game mode. With the right low cards, you can expect to be strong postflop. I would raise with 32, 43, 53, and 54. I raise other hands, depending on the table. I will raise three to six blinds depending on position. I raise one blind for every person that calls as well. I also might adjust bet size based on other factors. I will go all-in preflop with 43 and 32. While doing this is somewhat risky, it is often a safe play. People don't seem to quite know what hands to go all-in with. So I am willing to risk a close call. Heat Reverse Postflop Strategy. You Want to Win with Low Cards. The goal is to win the hand with a low hand. The moment you get a pair or better, you need to check fold. Chances are you will lose to somebody who has nothing on the river. The odds you are winning now are very low. Be Very Careful of Draws. If you have a straight or flush draw, you need to be careful. If you make your hand, you will lose on the river most likely. Bet When You Have the Lowest Hand Possible. If you have the lowest possible hand, always bet. People will call with a worse hand. Do not be afraid to go all-in with the lowest hand. How to Play Other Low Card Hands. If your hand is low but not the best, I recommend calling instead of betting. Decide what to do based on what you know about the other players at the table. You may want to fold. Common Mistakes People Make in Poker Heat Heat Reverse. Playing Too Many Hands. Like in normal Texas hold 'em people play too many hands in Heat Reverse. Do not play the same hand range in reverse. You will lose often. You need to stick to playing low cards only. Calling Too Much Postflop. You only want to call with low cards and weak pairs. Anything else will be a losing hand. People who call with stronger hands are going to lose often. Trying to Bet with Normal Strong Hands. When you see a flush or a full house, you need to fold. I see people go all-in with these types of hands. As if they forgot what mode of poker they are playing. Questions & Answers. Question: If there's a pair in the community cards, how does the winner between two players get determined in this game variety? Say there's a pair of sixes on the table, and the hands of the two remaining players are 8-4 and 10-2. Which wins? Two is the lower "low" card, but eight is the lower "high" card. Answer: The lowest high card wins. So in this case 84 beats T2. Question: Are Aces High in Heat Reverse? Answer: Yes. Aces only count as high cards. I do not recommend playing these hands in Poker Heat - Heat Reverse."

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