20 best online soccer games and where you can play them
Here are some of the best soccer games you can play online for free.
20 best online soccer games and where you can play them. Football is the world's most famous sport which has created a need for the gaming industry to come up with games which give its users a realistic footballing experience. There are many games currently in the market and over the internet which can give its users that experience without having to spend much money. Earlier, there used to be games which used MS-DOS but with the advancement of technology, we have been lucky enough to play some of the best games in the current scenario. There are, of course, the FIFA and the PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) series who have been going toe-to-toe every year to win the title of being the best football games in the world. But there are also those who provide their users all of that for free. Here are 20 best football games you can play online for free: #20 Hattrick. Hattrick is a full-time analytical football game which features a host of options to choose from. It requires for you to make a player of any name and manage his career. The climb in the player's career depends on how you perform on and off the field. You can manage the team also by making adjustments in the tactics, and how the player goes hangs out after a hard fought match. This is similar to the famous Football Manager and can be played on your mobile phones and tablets as well. You can play it here. #19 Crossing Cup. Crossing Cup is a football game consists of the international players and teams. You can choose Cristiano Ronaldo to deliver a corner kick for Portugal (a rare sight) and ask Helder Postiga to head it into the back of the net. After you've done your attacking, you will have to defend while the opposition attacks. The game includes competitions as well as singla game friendlies. You can play it here. #18 Football Heads: Euro 2016. Football Heads is one of the most funny and interesting football games you can ever play. The user is supposed to choose only one player for every match in this game. The game is based on a tournament based format where the user is to pick one international team participating at the EURO 2016 in France. The players then go head to head to score a goal and shooting towards goal. It is a great game if you want to play it as a pastime or if you have young kids who want to learn what football is about. The game also comes in different variants based on domestic and international competitions. You can play it here. #17 Goalkeeper Premier. This is one of the most addictive games from this list. In the game, you will be donning the gloves of a goalkeeper and have to save shots from the opposition's attacker. You can choose from over 315 English teams with the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea also in the list of teams available. The game can be played free of cost and does not require any aditional information from the user, not even a username. Go ahead and open the link to play the game in a matter of seconds. You can play it here. #16 Lords of football. Lords of Football is the most innovative and tongue-in-cheek management sim game that covers every aspect of football. Unusually, the game also includes guiding players through training exercises, mentoring them on nightclub dance floors and making them run in giant hamster wheels. This is one of the most interesting football games you can play for free over the internet. You will have to manage your team and act according to the wishes of the President of the club you're at. You can take control of a professional club in England, France, Spain or Germany, where winning the Champions League is the goal. You can play it here. #15 Soccer Balls. Soccer Balls gives you the chance of playing with your team by choosing from several international and domestic sides. This is a full version football game as you can dribble cleverly and go on to score the perfect goal to win the game for your team. It is well suited for young children who are looking to develop their interest in the sport and want to play a computer football game. You can also choose many other football games from the website by clicking on "Other Games" which can be played free of cost. You can play it here. #14 Soccer Pro. Soccer Pro is one of the most comprehensive football games you will find on the internet. Miniclip has done well to produce a game that provides everything from trickery to shooting with the required power. The game also gives you the option to increase your player's speed by picking up speed boosters from around the pitch. If you want to play football without installing and buying, then Soccer Pro is your game to play. You can play it here. #13 SpeedPlay World Soccer 4. As you can see from the picture above, the game is a test of control and precision. You can use your football players to run all over the pitch and defend with them using a mouse or the keyboard. The goal of the game is simple. You have to score more goals than the opposition in the allotted time. You can choose from international teams from around the globe which also features India. There is also the option of playing only the penalty shootouts without having to play a proper match. You can play it here. #12 Football Champions. Football Champions is probably the best penalty kick taking game on the internet. You can choose from star players from around the world which includes the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., and Wayne Rooney. There is no shortage of quality players in the game but the penalty scoring depends on who is the better penalty taker. You can play it here: #11 The Champions 4. The Champions 4 is one of the most full fledged football online games you can come across. The game allows you to choose your international side and also has the option of making your own side, with your own custom players. The game also allows you to change the features of the player like skin colour and hairstyle. Each team will have 5 players on your team – 4 outfield players and one goalkeeper. You can compete with your team in the game with other teams managed by the computer itself. You can play it here. #10 Stick Football: English League. Stick Football is one of the best football games to play online, as it can also be played on your mobile phone. The company has been in the gaming world for quite a few years now and have been producing games for other sports mostly, cricket. But this football version of Stick is pretty cool to play with, as you can build your own team with a team name, and play as many matches as you want. You can even make substitutions at any point of the match and try to score using swerve on the ball and placing your shot in the corner of the net. You can play it here. #9 Manager League. Manager League is the shorter form of Football Manager. You will have to register before playing, but that does not take a lot of time. You can create your own team, buy players, make them train and even build your stadium for the club you are the manager of. The game features many more features which will be loved by every football fan as it gives you the feeling of managing a club. You can play it here. #8 Trophy Manager. Trophy Manager is also one of the few games which are based on the management side of a team. You can create your own team or choose a stock team. You can buy players from the transfer market and integrate them into your side to make the most of their talents. The video above will tell you about the game, which does not need the user to pay any money to play the game. You can play it here. #7 Online Soccer Manager. Online Soccer Manager is a very good game to play if you want to manage a team without playing an actual football match, like in Football Manager. The game gives you the largest pool of players along with all the clubs. The game has tie-up with clubs like Juventus, so the game is pretty authentic considering a global giant like Juventus are partners. As you can see from the screenshot of the game, you will need to log-in with either you email or your social media account and then become the manager of your favorite club. You can train your players, arrange friendlies and buy new players for the team. You can play it here. #6 New Star Soccer. You may have come across New Star Soccer as a mobile app, but there is also a game of the same name that you can also play on your PC. You can play it quickly when on your desk as it has a simple log-in. The above video also explains what the game offers to its users but you should know about the several scenarios that you have to succeed at to win the game. There is the absence of playing a live action football match but you wouldn't want to miss bending a free kick around a wall – Beckham-style, sliding a perfectly-angled pass to a team-mate or intercepting a sly diagonal through-ball. In the game, you manage players who start out at 16-years-old and progress as you go on, so there's little chance of completing the game in a hurry. By the end of it you'll have bought them private jets, taken them to casinos and even taught them to ride horses. You can play it here. #5 Super Arcade Football. If you have played football games in the 90s, then Super Arcade Football is the game to watch out for. You will love this game because it has been inspired by the Sensible Soccer series and it offers a different take on football games – from the skies. The game is played with a top-down camera view, the game is fast, furious and every bit as fun as local multiplayer was when played even on the keyboard. It has been retuned for the modern era, and it benefits from a slick and smooth animation. The game even slows right down when a player blasts to the ball at the net, or making for some tense moments as the ball rattles the woodwork of the opposition. The sound effects are the best feature of the game, when even the disgusting sound of a crunching leg tackle in a football game can be heard. You can play it here: #4 Goal United Pro. If you are a tinkerman, a mad footballing scientist or an astute professor of management, then Goal United Pro is the one game you need to play. The game is suitable for those who are into football management sims. The game can be played in your browser, meaning you don't have to commit to it for hours on end, but that does not mean it's limited in scope. You can control every aspect of the team - from buying and selling players to sorting out a training plan, picking a starting line-up and deciding how to rotate your squad for those all important cup games. But if you lose too many games, you might be sacked. So tread carefully you gamers! You can play it here. #3 England Soccer League. The game is based on the Premier League and has all the clubs from the English league present. The game allows you to play with your own club team, defeat your rivals and get the bragging rights. The clubs don't have their real names for copyright reasons, however, the gameplay is pretty near. The controls are similar to FIFA or PES and you can easily switch to the England Soccer League if you don't want to buy the high-end FIFA or PES games. The names of players, however, may vary due to the same copyright reasons as team names. The game includes most prominent, ableit spelt differently, and gamers can also switch over to other leagues in Europe. You can play it here. #2 Football Superstars. Football Superstars is a football game that gives you a wide range of variety to choose from. The developers add new players to the game as and when they tie-up with players from around the world. The game provides you the chance to play football in a very realistic way as the graphics of the game are pretty good. However, you need to download the set-up of the game before you can play it online. The game offers the best teams and players from around the globe, and gamers can also save the progress made in the game. The game also has a leaderboard where you can compare your performances with the other players of the game. As you can see in the screenshot above, the players look very realistic and the game is high on performance. You can play it here. #1 Football Legend Online. Football Legend Online is a free-to-play football game that allows you total control of any action of your avatar player. It also allows you complete control over the ball, dribbling and shooting to confuse the goalkeeper and score a goal. The game has a solid gameplay combined with good 3D quality graphics and is also free to play for users, with the option to make premium purchases. It does not have a team mode like in FIFA, PES and also does not have a manager mode like in Football Manager, but has a player mode. The game gives you complete control over the player, This is one of the best online football games at the moment.

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