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Dark Domain. " Until such time as it has wisdom to impart, please, dig deeper (below)! Caution: Potential spoilers. Bard's Tale 2. Map texts and clues. The Sage will answer questions about topics that will guide you on your quest. For some topics he will reveal valued information if you are ready for it (completed certain quests), but only for a price. "The Song Axe is a wonderous item which always returns to the thrower, and does 64-256 hits at a range of 80 feet." "Hidden beneath the city of Ephesus, the Tombs have been closed for centuries. Seek the entrance at the Temple of Darkness, in the city's center." "Fanskar is a deadly warrior-mage who tried once to claim the title of Destiny Knight and failed. His castle is a well-guarded fortress, located south-west of Colosse." "Dargoth is a creature more animal than man, whose tower is hidden in the city of Philippi. Take care, friends, for he is death itself." "The Maze is said to be the home of the Graphnar Fist, a group of elite mercenaries who kill for both gold and pleasure. The Maze itself exists from ancient times. Seek it in Thessalonica." "In the city of Corinth is the Fortress of the mage Oscon, whose strength is legendary and whose skill surpasses even Mangar's. Only an item of Kazdek will gain you entrance." "Ah, yes, Kazdek. The immortal one, as he is called, he is in fact a living statue. Seek him between Thessalonica and Colosse, with the word of his name." "Take care, my friends. None has left the Grey Crypt alive. Know you, however, that no magical spells will work therein." "A rock it is, in fact, yet much more. Ponder this, my friends: Never find and never fool, the last one drinks the poison pool, the first one reads the ancient tome, the third one breaks the double dome." "An evil genius is Lagoth, else he'd not have posed the threat to the Land that he has. Yet, an enemy to be respected, I think. His whereabouts are unknown, but I'd not be surprised to find him near." After viewing the very outer corners of the completed map for Dark Domain 3, you should make out the letters "P", "A", "S", "S" shaped by the walls and doors."

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